TROPHYRES (TPR): Change of composition of the Supervisory Board and Board of Directors. - raport 18

The Board of Directors of TrophyResort Nyrt. informs that the General Meeting held on May 18, 2015 accepts the resign of Nandor Veseta from Supervisory Board and accepts the resign of Imre Oreg from the Board of Directors.

Besides the General Meeting held on May 18, 2015 unanimously elects Imre Öreg as the new member of the Supervisory Board from 19th of May 2015.

The following required information about Imre Öreg – new member of the Supervisory Board:


• No. 27. Institue of Qualified Workers, Budapest

• Donát Bánki Secondary School of Engineering – Secondary School degree


• Egressy Secondary School – Technician of Manufacturing Planning

Work experience:

• 2012 – (current)TrophyResort Nyrt – Member of the Directorate

• 1996 – 2012 Koepfer Hungary Ltd. /Bicske/ - operation supervisor, Deputy Factory Manager

• 1995 – 1995 Mészkő és Dolomit Ltd. – Factory Manager

• 1994 – 1995 CÉL-PLAST BT – General Manager

• 1978 – 1994 PEMŰ Zsámbék , operation supervisor, Deputy Factory Manager

• 1978 – Ganz Electricity - Budapest - Transformer Mechanic

• 1971 – 1978. „Egyetértés”Cooperation - locksmith

• 1970 – 1971 Ganz Electricity - Budapest, - Transformer Mechanic

Doesn’t perform activities outside the Issuer where such activities are significant for the Issuer.

Is not a partner in a competitive civil partnership or commercial law company or partnership or a member of a body of a joint stock company or a member of a body of any competitive legal person.

No legally valid court decisions condemning the person for the crime of fraud within the last five years.

No cases of bankruptcy, compulsory administration or liquidation, within at least the last five years, for entities in which the person was a member of managing or supervisory bodies.

Doesn’t perform activities competitive to the activities of the Issuer.

No record in the register of insolvent debtors maintained under the National Court Register Act of 20 August 1997.

Legal basis: § 3.2 point 11 of the Exhibit 3 (Current and Periodical Information in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect Market) to the Alternative Trading System Rules

Osoby reprezentujące spółkę:
Petronella Öregné Kocsis - Chairman of the Board of Directors

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