ICDP (ICD): Correction of Report No. 1/2011

With the present report "Intercapital Property Development" ADSIC announces that it has made a mistake in Report No. 1/2011 regarding the decision of the Board of Directors to carry out capital increase through initial public offering of securities. By omission in Report No. 1/2011 as a date of the Board of Directors' decision was pointed 17.01.2011. It should be 14.01.2011 instead.


The correct announcement regarding the decision of the Board of Directors to carry out capital increase through initial public offering of securities is as follows:

Intercapital Property Development ADSIC, a company incorporated and conducting business in the Republic of Bulgaria, registered with the Commercial Registry by the Bulgarian Registration Agency under number EIK 131397743, having its seat and registered address in Sofia, 7a Aksakov Street, floor 4, (hereinafter referred to as "ICPD") announces that, on 14.01.2011, the Board of Directors has taken a decision to increase the capital of the Company on the grounds of Art. 33 of the Company's By-Laws as follows:

- Increase in the capital of the Company through the issuance of 9 017 214 new common, registered, book-entry and voting shares of class A with BGN 1.00 nominal value and BGN 3.00 issue price each. The capital increase shall be deemed successful in case that at least one new share is be subscribed. The public offering of the new shares shall be carried out on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Poland.

- In compliance with Art.112b (2) of the Bulgarian Law on the public offering of securities (LPOS), the right to participate in the capital increase will be entitled to all persons, who have acquired shares of the Company not later than 7 days after the date of the publication of the public offering announcement in the Bulgarian State Gazette in accordance with Art.92a (1) of the LPOS.

- One right will be issued for every share held as of the end of the specified period or totally 6 011 476 rights. One new share from the capital increase shall be subscribed against 0.66666666 rights. Only a whole number of shares shall be subscribed in this offering. In case that the division of the number of rights issued to or acquired by an owner by 0.66666666 does not result in a whole number, the number of shares which the owner shall be entitled to subscribe, will be rounded to the lesser whole number. It will not be possible to subscribe to more shares than envisaged in the capital increase decision. In case the new shares are not fully subscribed to and paid, the capital will be increased only to the amount of the shares subscribed to and paid pursuant to Art.192a (2) of the Commerce Act.

- The company authorizes the investment intermediary “Intercapital Markets" AD and the law firm AD "Tokushev & Partners" to draw up a prospectus for initial public offering of securities for the company's capital increase.

- The investment intermediary, authorized to administer the capital increase, will be “Intercapital Markets" AD.

- The Company takes a decision to authorize Silkroutefinancial (UK) Limited as a joint lead manager to assist the subscriptions by investors from Poland.

Legal Basis: § 17 Section 4 of the Alternative Trading System Rules NewConnect

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