KDM Shipping Public Limited (KDM:PW), a leading Ukrainian maritime shipping company that


is primarily involved in the niche segment of dry bulk river-sea freight in the Black, Azov and

Mediterranean Sea regions, has reviewed recent statements by Russian Federation government

officials and is satisfied that there will be no embargo or restrictions on Russian grain exports

during 2012.

Denys Molodkovets, Chief Financial Officer of KDM Shipping cited Russian Deputy Prime

Minister Arkady Dvorkovich's recent comments published in Kommersant after a meeting with

the head of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, Nikolai Fyodorov, whereby they forecast the

2012 national crop at 75-80 million tonnes. "In view of the remaining inventories we have

enough grain to meet domestic needs and to export in decent volumes," said Mr.

Dvorkovich. "The general position is that no additional measures are necessary", he continued,

explaining that he meant trade intervention and "any other action related to the regulation of


According to Mr. Molodkovets, Mr. Dvorkovich's statements reflect and reinforce KDM

Shipping's own market view that Russian grain conditions were adequate this year to avoid the

possibility of trade restrictions, and the market will operate normally. “We do not anticipate any

Russian trade limitations affecting our wheat cargo transport segment during 2012. Business

should continue as usual, we will continue to focus on grain transportation in the Black, Azov

and Mediterranean Sea regions as a significant part of our 2012 business, and we do not see cause

to consider changing focus at this time."

The Group transported 20,916 tonnes of wheat during the month of July, representing 35.5% of

KDM's monthly dry bulk cargo (58,864 tonnes). Turkish ports accounted for 51.8% of the total

monthly dry bulk cargo shipments by tonnage, Russian ports accounted 40.6% of the shipments

by tonnage and Ukrainian ports accounted for 7.6% of the shipments by tonnage. Itemized data

and figures are available at KDM Shipping's website (


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Denys Molodkovets - CFO





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