AGROLIGA (AGL): Preliminary results of the agricultural year

Ukraine celebrated the Day of agriculture last week. Traditionally, this date summarizes the agricultural year.


Chairman of the board of directors Agroliga group, Mr. Alexander Berdnik in his speech to employees said:

"Day of agriculture - it's our professional holiday, because all our areas such as, crops, livestock and the production of sunflower oil - are directly related to agriculture.

Resuming the year 2012, I can say that the spring works started at the optimum time, they were conducted in a planned manner with the joint efforts of department heads, agronomists, engineers, livestock experts, by the other words - our professional team. Fuel and lubricants, plant protection products, fertilizers were purchased in advance, as well as seeds were chosen and purchased and equipment was prepared. And the most important thing is that, it was made a strategic decision to move to cultivation technology of using liquid fertilizer (UAN), own-produced organic fertilizers (manure), chelate fertilizer at the vegetation stage. Also, only crop protection agents produced by brand companies "Syngenta", "Dupont", "Bayer", which guarantee the quality of the delivered product, were used.

The criterion for selection of seeds sunflower and corn was also the quality.

Over the last three years in the farms of the Agroliga group it was held scientific and practical work of choice of sunflower and corn hybrids for planting in the forest steppe zone in the solid black earth. As a result of these studies, it was decided to plant sunflower hybrids by companies "Limagrain" (yield at research sites amounted up to 5 tons per hectare), and hybrids of corn by "Pioneer" (yield at research sites reached 10 tons per hectare).

With the right management decisions it was obtained wheat yield of excellent quality (class 1 and 2), as well as barley, maize and sunflower - main cultures of crop rotation, which our farms are specialized on.

It was harvested 5708,6 tons of wheat from an area of 1615 hectares, the average yield of 3,54 t/ha. Barley took 584 hectares, it was harvested 1905,1 tons, the average yield of 3,26 t/ha. An area of maize crop took 405 hectares which conducted 2543, 3 tons, yield of 6,28 t/ha. Buckwheat - 316 hectares - 421,1 tons crop yield 1,33 t/ha.

We have collected 12 387,5 tons of sunflower seeds on the area of 2850 hectares, which corresponds to 4,35 t /ha. High-oleic sunflower will be processed into sunflower oil in our refinery in N.Vodolaga, good harvest provided an effective start and smooth operation in the first months after the reconstruction of the oil plant and the commissioning of the second line of presses and auxiliary equipment for cleaning seed.

In the livestock industry this year efforts were focused on optimizing of structure of the herd. Thanks to this investment on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, we have purchased a group of heifers high-milk Holstein breed, the calving rate from which this amounted to 93 percent.

The average milk production on the farm for 2012 projected at 6300 litres per cow (in 2011 - 5300). To increase milk yield it was acquired complex to produce animal feed, the use of new technologies was suspended in polypropylene bags of maize.

With the increase of the herd, one of the areas that we want to develop - growing organic products through the use of manure as a fertilizer. In 2012, experimental fields were marked for manure application, and initiated research activity to calculate the efficiency of this trend.

I want to thank all of our employees, which, in spite of the severe weather conditions, have achieved such high performance to be proud of. "

Legal basis: § 3 subparagraph 1 of the Exhibit 3 to the Alternative Trading System Rules "Current and Periodical Information in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect Market"

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Alexandr Berdnyk - Chairman of the Board of Directors

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