AGROLIGA (AGL): The renewed line of oil refining factory has entered the operating mode. - raport 2

The Board of Directors of Agroliga Group PLC (“Group") informs that the first line of the renewed oil refining factory of Agroliga has entered full capacity. Technical testing started on November 11th.New equipment was adjusted and tested during more than one and a half months in various operating modes, and by the end of the year 2011 left on complete designed capacity - 70 tons of sunflower production per day. After the conversion, capacity of the first production line exceeds for 27% the capacity of the whole plant a year ago.

The average output of oil consists 41-42 % that corresponds planned targets.


At the factory have been completely replaced oil extractors, the heating equipment, product and oil pipelines, there were expanded storage reservoirs as well.

The Group informs that installation of 2nd line is coming to an end. Its technical start is planned for the end of February. By the end of winter the Group plans to finish the setup and configuration of the equipment and reach the amount of processing of 55 thousand tons of sunflower per year.

Re-equipment of the refining factory is financed from revenues from the issuance of shares under the private placement which took place in February 2011. Increase the capacity of processing is an essential part of strategic development of the Group.

“Legal basis: § 3.1 of the Exhibit 3 to the Alternative Trading System Rules “Current and Periodical Information in the Alternative Trading System on the NewConnect Market"

Osoby reprezentujące spółkę:
Alexandr Berdnyk - Chairman of the Board of Directors

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