ESTAR (EST): Announcement - raport 7

Raport bieżący nr 7/2019

Podstawa Prawna:
ENEFI Energy Efficiency Plc. (“Company”) hereby informs its Honourable Investors that on


the basis of Paragraph (2), Article 57. of the Capital Market Act if false data is published

about the issuer, then it shall be obliged to publish the real data.

As opposed to the information published on portal yesterday (31/01/2019) in the

article titled “MNB (Central Bank of Hungary) pay back the fine amounting to HUF million it

charged on a company” ( ) MNB

had not fined the Company (ENEFI) but a subsidiary thereof (EETEK) and a private person in

its decision mentioned. Let us also call attention that therefore in case of the reimbursement of

the fine it shall not be made to the Company.

The Company fulfilled its statutory obligation by its announcement made yesterday and shall

not intend to continue media communication fights with the authorities. Let us note that in

addition to publishing the decision on its website, the authority is not obliged to conduct

intense media representation about each stage of the proceedings (filing, decision, opinions on

court decisions) as seen in this case.

It is not by any means reassuring for the Company as a market player that although the court

of justice declared about the decision of MNB that it is not suitable to establish infringement

or to charge fines, the infringements set forth in the decisions are not proven to be founded,

the decision is deficient, contradictory and the reason-cause relations are not clarified, the

authority - seeking media - declares that “they are convinced about the lawfulness of their

decision+ and repeatedly declares its opinion related to the case contradicting the court

decision without any obligation whatsoever to do so.

As a consequence of the foregoing the Company has no doubts that it had been decided

irrespectively of the court decision even prior to the commencement of the new proceedings

that the authority will insist on its conclusions and the case will be continued. Thus the

Company thinks that the fine due back shall not remain on the accounts of the involved

parties for a long time.

According to the view of the Company, it is not possible in this case to request the revision by

the Curia as the next step.

DataImię i NazwiskoStanowisko/FunkcjaPodpis
2019-02-02Csaba SoósBoard of Directors






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