ESTAR (EST): Announcement - raport 5

Raport bieżący nr 5/2021

Podstawa Prawna:
ENEFI Asset Management Plc (“Company”) informs its reputable investors that the action


initiated was closed with the favourable judgement for the E-Star CDR SRL in the first

instance the below legal issue.

Claimant Defendant Matter in dispute

E-Star CDR SRL Town of Gheorgheni The case is separated from the claim for damages concerning the

failure to approve the price district heat price from March 2015 to

February 2016, concerns the claim of 447,454.13 lei plus interest on

unrealized income from the district heat difference.

The decision is not final effect.

CDR had finally won the case against the Municipality on the legal basis of the lawsuit for

compensation of damages. After this there are three lawsuits in progress relating to the

amounts for tactical reasons from which the lawsuit of the lowest amount disputed about the

distant heating price difference has been closed today at first instance with CDR winning the


The other two lawsuits of high amounts in progress:

E-Star CDR SRL Town of Gheorgheni Action for damages. The case is separated from the claim for

damages, and its object is royalty amount 3.071.101,56 lei plus


E-Star CDR SRL Town of Gheorgheni The case is separated from the claim for damages, and its object

is compensation for investments- 100.707.289 lei plus interest

thereof + 15% of the annual internal profit rate for the entire

contracted period..

ENEFI assesses the decision today expressly positively and we are also optimistic about the

lawsuits in progress.

The Company hereby calls the attention of its honourable Investors that these claims had

previously been written off according to the rules of audition so they are accounted at HUF

zero in the consolidated books of the Company. In case of final decision, the amounts judged

shall increase the profit of the reference period and thus the own capital as well.

“The desperate action of the Municipality of Gheorgheni may refer to their disappointment

that after the affiliate of the Company in T"rgu Mures had won the case, the Town dismissed

their legal representative who had also represented the Municipality of T"rgu Mures and they

assigned a new legal representative in the case. The town was represented by the new lawyer

in this lawsuit...” – said Csaba Soós, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ENEFI Plc.

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2021-02-19Csaba SoósBoard of Directors






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