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Raport bieżący nr 174/2019

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Organic food producer AUGA group started supplying its products to leading food distributors in Sweden – Di Luca & Di Luca and Midsona. Long term agreements to supply end-consumer products were signed with both companies.

"Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are among the major AUGA group’s export markets for fresh mushrooms. Export of end consumer products to this country, which is one of the biggest organic markets, opens totally new opportunities. We estimate that Sweden can become our main export market in Europe already this year, - says Laurynas Miškinis, Head or Organic Product Development and Commerce of AUGA group.


Midsona is one of the market leaders in organic, healthy and sustainable product categories in Nordic countries. In Sweden it will start selling organic ready-to-eat soups made in Lithuania.

Di Luca & Di Luca and its brands are well known in Sweden as market leaders of the Mediterranean food category. AUGA group started supplying beans, chickpeas and other canned products in pouches for the company.

For both companies AUGA group produces products with their private labels.

It is estimated that organic food market size in Sweden is EUR 2.8 billion and it continues to grow every year. One person in Sweden spends on average EUR 237 on organic products and it is one of the highest amounts globally. Sweden’s organic food sales account for 9 percent of total food sales value.

AUGA group supplies fresh mushrooms to ICA, Coop and Axfood retail chains in Sweden.

Total company revenues of end-consumer packaged goods segment amounted to EUR 1.05 million during the first six months of 2019 compared to EUR 0.57 million a year earlier. The surge in sales of these products was driven by a significant expansion of export geography. The end-consumer product segment is the smallest in AUGA group, but it is growing fast. The company also sees the highest growth in this segment in the future.

AUGA group currently exports about 80 percent of its total production to more than 30 markets worldwide.

One of the most important markets is Japan where AUGA branded organic products are distributed by one of the biggest distributors of organic and natural food.

During the last several months The United Arab Emirates became one of the main export markets of end-consumer packaged goods.

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