PEIXIN (PEX): Decision of the Management Board regarding dividend payment from the 2014 consolidated net profit

Raport bieżący nr 7/2015

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Art. 56 ust. 1 pkt 1 Ustawy o ofercie - informacje poufne

With reference to the dividend policy disclosed in the current report No. 13/2014, the Management Board of Peixin International Group N.V. with its incorporated seat in Amsterdam, the Netherlands /the "Company"/, hereby informs that on 11 May 2015, the Management Board of the Company decided to change Company’s dividend policy and consequently it will recommend to the Annual General Meeting approving the financial statements for 2014 /the "AGM"/ to allocate its consolidated net profit for 2014 for raising reserve capitals with the intention to finance investments.


Alteration of the dividend policy was caused in particular by main reasons as follows.

According to the land purchase agreement described in current report No. 11/2014 the Company is under the process of the investment in the new plant, nevertheless because of delays in expenditures which supposed to be made by the local government into the infrastructure, on a zone were the Company’s plot is located, like wiring installation, water-supply system, etc., the initial investments planned by the Company had to be postponed. At the moment the Company conducts consultations with the local government concerning modification of the investment schedule in the new plant, but the consultations are not finalized yet.

Another reason of the Management Board’s decision is the fact, that since cancellation of the SPO the Company hasn’t raised significant external sources of funding yet.

Additionally the Company expects that the declining economy situation in China and overseas markets also justifies abovementioned decision.

Simultaneously the Company informs, that in the remaining scope upholds dividend policy for subsequent years, however the dividend policy will be reviewed periodically and payment of any future dividends will be effectively made at the discretion of the Management Board and the Shareholders’ Meeting after taking into account the Company’s earnings, cash flow, financial condition, capital investment requirements and other factors.

Furthermore the Company informs that recommendation of the Management Board at the same day has been approved by the Supervisory Board of the Company.

DataImię i NazwiskoStanowisko/FunkcjaPodpis
2015-05-11Qiulin Xie Chairman of the Management Board Qiulin Xie
2015-05-11Kaida XieMember of Management BoardKaida Xie

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