UNI - EN REPORT No8/2018

Plaza Centers N.V. (“Plaza” / “Company” / “Group”) today announces its results for the year ended 31 December 2017.

Financial highlights:

• Reduction in total assets to €141 million as a result of the Company’s portfolio repositioning and deleveraging strategy (31 December 2016: €322 million)

• Book value of the Company’s Trading properties and investment in equity accounted investees decreased by €201 million to €93 million over the period, due to disposals (mainly Suwalki Plaza and Torun Plaza (in Poland) and Belgrade Plaza (in Serbia)) in line with the restructuring plan


• Consolidated cash position as at December 31, 2017 increased to €44.8 million (31 December 2016: €12.8 million including restricted bank deposits) and current cash position of circa €5.2 million

• Revenue from disposal of trading properties totalled €193 million (2016: €29 million) in line with the Company’s extensive disposal program

• €15 million loss recorded at an operating level (December 31, 2016: €30.4) where a gain from selling trading properties and profit from operating active shopping centres was offset by write-down of trading properties and administrative expenses

• Losses decreased to €26.5 in million in 2017 from €46.5 million in 2016 as the write down of trading properties decreased by €29 million, while net finance expense were €10.6 and €15.4 million, respectively

• Basic and diluted loss per share of €3.87 (December 31, 2016: loss per share of €6.78)

Progress in portfolio rationalisation and financial highlights:

During 2017 and to the date of this announcement, Plaza received net proceeds of €119.4 million from sales transactions and price adjustments. The disposals form part of the Company’s ongoing strategy to reduce the Company’s debt.

Sale of Suwalki Plaza:

In January 2017, The Company sold its SPV holding Suwałki Plaza shopping and entertainment centre in Poland for €16.7 million. The purchaser was an investment fund which is connected to a former employee of the Company.

Out of the net proceeds, at least 75% were distributed to the Company's bondholders in March 2017, in line with the Company's stated amended restructuring plan.

Sale of Belgrade Plaza:

On January 26, 2017, the Company signed a binding share purchase agreement with BIG Shopping Centers Ltd., a publicly traded company listed in the TA 100 Index, for the sale of the SPV holding Belgrade Plaza shopping and entertainment centre.

The shopping centre, which was over 97% pre-let, opened on 20th of April 2017 and the Company had remained responsible for the development and leasing of the asset until the opening.

Upon completion of the transaction, the Company has received an initial payment of €31.7 million from the purchaser, and has since received a further €2 million following the opening and further payments are contingent upon certain operational targets and milestones being met. The Purchaser has provided a guarantee to secure these future payments.

The final agreed value of Belgrade Plaza, which comprises circa 32,300 sqm of GLA, will be calculated based on a general cap rate of 8.25% as well as the sustainable NOI after 12 months of operation, which the Company estimates will be approximately €6.2-6.5 million per annum.

Further installments will be due to the Company during the first year of operation based on this 12-month figure. The NOI will be re-examined again after 24 months and 36 months of operation, which may lead to an upward adjustment of the final purchase price.

The Company received a further payment of €13.35 million during September 2017 based on the SPA on account of the final proceed which will be calculated one year following the opening of the mall, subject to price adjustments in the next two years. As a result, the Company recorded a gain from the sale totalling circa €3.2 million. Expected future purchase price adjustments are not recognised.

At least 75% of the net proceeds received from the disposal were distributed to the Company's bondholders in March 2017, and following the receipt of any future additional payments, in line with the Company's stated Amended Plan, 78% will be paid to the bondholders.

Sale of office building in Hungary:

On February 16, 2017, the Company signed an agreement for the sale of its SPV holding in David House, an office building in Budapest, to private investors for a gross amount of €3.2 million.

Out of the net proceeds, at least 75% were distributed to the Company's bondholders in March 2017, in line with the Company's stated Amended Plan.

Sale of Shumen plaza project, Bulgaria:

On February 23, 2017, the Company announced that it had concluded the sale of a 26,057 sqm plot of land in Shumen, Bulgaria, for circa €1 million, which is slightly above book value.

Of the net proceeds, at least 75% were distributed to the Company's bondholders in March 2017, in line with the Company's stated Amended Plan.

Compliance of the early prepayment term:

On March 15, 2017, the Company paid its bondholders a total amount of NIS 191.74 million (€49.2 million) as an early redemption and, accordingly, upon such payment the Company complied with the early redemption term with a total sum of at least NIS 382,000,000 and thus obtained a deferral of one year for the remaining contractual obligations of the bonds.

Preliminary Sale Agreement of Plot in Lodz, Poland:

On June 13, 2017, the Company announced that it has signed a preliminary sale agreement for the disposal of a 13,770 sqm plot at its second land holding in Lodz, Poland, (representing 22% of this holding) to a retail developer, for €1.2 million. As part of the agreement, the purchaser paid an immediate installment of EUR 0.035 million and the completion payment to make it totaling 10% of the sale price, comprising an immediate installment already paid of EUR 0.035 million followed by an installment of EUR 0.085 million shall be paid when the purchaser obtains environmental permit for investing in the access road to the plot. The remaining balance minus 50% of the sum invested in the road (up to maximum amount of EUR 0.12 million) will be paid once a building permit is obtained for development of the land which is expected to be granted till the end of 2018.

In line with the Company's stated amended restructuring plan, 78% of the net cash proceeds will be distributed to Plaza's bondholders.

New payment structure for the sale of project in Bangalore, India

On 16 June 2017, further to its announcement on 15 November 2016, that its jointly controlled subsidiary Elbit Plaza India Real Estate Holdings Limited (in which Plaza holds effectively a 50% stake with its joint venture partner, Elbit Imaging Ltd.) (“EPI”) signed a revised agreement in relation to the sale of a 100% interest in a special purpose vehicle which holds a site in Bangalore, India, to a local investor (the “Purchaser”). The Purchaser and EPI agreed that the purchase price will be amended to INR 338 Crores (approximately €44.2 million) instead of the INR 321 Crores (approximately €42 million) agreed in the previous agreement. Refer to key highlight since the period end regarding the dispute with the purchaser followed by a further revised agreement.

Sale of Kielce Plaza, Poland:

On June 19, 2017, The Company announced that it has signed the final sale agreement for the disposal of its 2.47 hectare plot in the centre of Kielce, Poland, for €2.28 million (a down payment of €0.47 million was received in 2016). In line with the Company's stated amended restructuring plan, 75% of the net cash proceeds was distributed to Plaza's bondholders.

Completed sale of Leszno plot in Poland:

In July 2017, The Company signed the final sale agreement for the disposal of a 1.8 hectare plot in the city of Leszno for €810,000.

In line with the Company's stated amended restructuring plan, 75% of the net cash proceeds from the disposal distributed to Plaza's bondholders.

Sale of plots in Timisoara and Constanta, Romania:

On 7 August, 2017 the Company completed the disposal of a plot totalling approximately 32,000 sqm in Timisoara, Romania, for €7.25 million. The Company also announced that it completed the sale of a plot totalling approximately 30,000 sqm in Constanta, Romania, for €1.3 million.

In line with the Company's stated amended restructuring plan, 75% of the net cash proceeds from both disposals were distributed to Plaza's bondholders.

Extension of long stop date regarding disposal of Piraeus plot in Greece

Following the preliminary agreement regarding the disposal of a plot in Piraeus, Greece, several amendments were signed during 2016-2017 the latest amendment deadline had expired on January 20, 2018. The last selling price of the share of the SPV holding the plot was set at EUR 3.545 million. In order to secure the prolonged validity of the initial agreement, the purchaser has paid advance payments in a total amount of EUR 0.3 million non-refundable to Plaza. The completion of the transactions is expected to be concluded in 2018 as an asset deal (instead of the original agreement of share deal) with a lower sale price of EUR 3.35 million.

Sale of land plot in Budapest, Hungary

On 2 October 2017 the Company concluded an agreement with an international investor, NEPI Rockcastle, on the termination of land use rights over a circa 21,788 sqm land plot adjoining Arena Plaza in Budapest, Hungary, registered to a subsidiary of the Company, Kerepesi 5 Irodaépület Kft (“K5”). The transaction also included the termination of the preliminary easement agreement, which provided K5 with certain easement rights over the plot. NEPI Rockcastle is the largest listed retail centre owner in CEE and recently acquired the Arena Plaza shopping centre from a third party.

As a result of the agreement, K5 received a net sum of €2.5 million. At least 75% of the net proceeds received from the disposal were distributed to the Company’s bondholders.

Sale of Torun Plaza, Poland

On 21 November 2017 one of the Company’s subsidiaries has completed the sale of Torun Plaza shopping and entertainment centre in Poland to a private investment fund.

The Company has received circa €28.3 million. This net cash is after the deduction of the bank loan (circa €43.3 million), and other working capital adjustments in accordance with the balance sheet of the SPV holding the Project. The above-mentioned sums do not include the earn-out payments in an amount of € 0.35 million, reduced by NAV adjustment of € 0.2 million. The Company recorded revenue of € 71.6 million from the disposal and a loss of circa €1.5 million (not including the earn-out payment mentioned).

78% of the net proceeds received from the disposal were distributed to the Company's bondholders during January 2018.

Sale of a plot in Belgrade, Serbia:

Following the sale of “MUP” plot in Belgrade, Serbia, the Company was entitled to an additional contingent consideration of €0.6 million once the purchaser successfully develops at least 69,000 sqm above ground. The consideration was received in September 2017 and is recorded as revenue from disposal of trading properties.

Of the net proceeds, at least 75% were distributed to the Company's bondholders in October 2017, in line with the Company's stated Amended Plan.

Sale of a plot in Lodz, Poland:

On September 28, 2016, the Company completed the sale of a 20,700 sqm plot of land in Lodz, Poland, to a residential developer, for €2.4 million in cash. Following this transaction, the Company owns a remaining 4,000 sqm site.

The Company received €1.44 million in 2016 in installments, and a final installment of €0.96 million was received in June 2017.

In line with the Company's stated restructuring plan, 75% of the net cash proceeds from the sale of the plot was distributed to the Company's bondholders.

Appointment of new auditor

On 29 June 2017, Plaza announced that, following the conclusion of a formal tender process led by the Company's Audit Committee, the Board of the Company approved the appointment of Kost Forer Gabbay & Kasierer, the largest accounting firm in Israel and a member of Ernst & Young Global, as its new IFRS auditor. In addition, the Company’s general meeting of shareholders appointed on 20 February 2018, Baker Tilly Berk N.V. as the Dutch statutory auditor for the year 2017, who will audit the statutory annual accounts (comprising stand-alone accounts and consolidated (IFRS) accounts).

Standard & Poor’s credit rating update

On September 28 2017 Standard & Poor's Maalot (“Maalot”), the Israeli credit rating agency which is a division of International Standard & Poor’s, reduced its credit rating of Plaza’s two series of Notes traded on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange from “ilCCC” to “ilCC” with negative outlook on a local Israeli scale.

Update regarding repayment to bondholders

On 21 December 2017 the Israeli Series A bondholders triggered the immediate repayment of the entire outstanding debt under the Series A trust deed. Further to its announcements of 4 October 2017 and 14 December 2017, with respect to the order of the Israeli court to allocate the mandatory repayment amounts according to the ratios set out in the Company’s restructuring plan. On 27 December 2017 an initial agreement was reached among both Series of Israeli Bonds and the Company with respect to the allocation of funds between the 2 Series of Israeli Bonds, from that day onwards. On 11 January 2018 the agreement became final and the Series A Bondholders withdrew their request for immediate repayment.

At the date of this announcement, the board and management estimate that there are significant doubts regarding the Company’s ability to serve its entire debt according to the current repayment schedule. Moreover, following the new payment structure agreed for the sale of the project in Bangalore, India, which is detailed below, it is expected that the Company will not be able to meet its entire contractual obligations in the upcoming 12 months.

Key highlights since the period end:

In January 2018, Maalot has discontinued tracking the Plaza’s rating at the Company’s request.

Dispute with the purchaser of a plot in India and a revised agreement

On 19 January 2018, further to its press release dated June 19, 2017 regarding the signing of a revised agreement for the sale of the100% interest in an SPV (in which Plaza holds a 50% stake with its joint venture partner, Elbit Imaging Ltd.), that holds property in Bangalore, India, to a local investor (the "Agreement" and the "Purchaser" respectively), that, due to a proposed change (initiated by the Indian authorities) which could potentially impact the development of the land, the Purchaser has given notice that all remaining payments under the Agreement will be stopped until a mutually acceptable solution is reached.

On 21 February 2018 despite the notice by the Purchaser that remaining payments under the Agreement will be stopped, the Purchaser has paid the January installment totalling INR 5 Crores (circa €0.65 million).

To date, since the signing of the Agreement, the Purchaser has paid non-refundable advance payments totalling INR 45 Crores (circa € 5.9 million), out of the total consideration of INR 338 Crores (circa €44.2 million) due under the Agreement.

In March 2018, the Company signed a further revised agreement. The Purchaser and EPI have agreed that the total purchase price shall be increased to INR 350 Crores (approximately €45.8 million). By the end of March 2018, the Purchaser will pay EPI INR 10 Crores (approximately €1.3 million), in addition to the INR 45 Crores (approximately €5.9 million) already paid since the period end. Further to this, a total of INR 83 Crores (approximately €10.8 million) will be paid by the Purchaser in monthly installments until the final close of the transaction. The Final Closing is now expected to take place on 31 August 2019, when the final installment of circa INR 212 Crores (approximately €27.8 million) will be paid to EPI against the transfer of the outstanding share capital of the SPV.

If the Purchaser defaults before the Final Closing, EPI is entitled to forfeit certain amounts paid by the Purchaser as stipulated in the revised agreement. All other existing securities granted to EPI under the previous agreements will remain in place until the Final Closing.

Motion to reveal and review internal documents

In March 2018, a Shareholder of the Company has filed a motion with the Financial Department of the District Court in Tel-Aviv to reveal and review internal documents of the Company and of Elbit Imaging Ltd., with respect to the events surrounding that certain agreements that were signed in connection with the Casa Radio Project in Romania and the sale of the US portfolio. Such events were previously announced by the Company and are detailed in notes 8(6) and 27(d) of the financial statements. The Company is currently examining the motion with its legal advisors and intend to respond in due course.

Appointment of Acting CEO

Following the announcement that Dori Keren will step down from the Company at the end of March 2018, the Board appointed Avi Hakhamov, who has been with the Company for more than 11 years, as Acting CEO of the Company commencing 1 April 2018. Avi Hakhamov joined in 2006 as financial controller in the headquarters team of the Group and has been Acting CFO for the past two years. He has held past audit and professional advisory roles at accountancy firms, BDO, Arthur Andersen and KPMG Israel, and holds an MBA degree in Accounting and Business as well as being a certified public accountant in Israel.

Commenting on the results, CEO Dori Keren said:

“The focus of the last 12 months has very much been centred on our extensive disposal programme, as we continued with our efforts to decrease the Company’s debt and to meet the demands of the restructuring programme. While it has been challenging, I am pleased with the progress we have made, having divested €183 million of assets (including an office building) during the course of the year.

“At end of March 2018, I am leaving Plaza Centers after 11.5 years, and I would like to wish the very best for the future.”

For further details, please contact:


Dori Keren, CEO

+ 48 22 231 99 00

FTI Consulting

Dido Laurimore / Claire Turvey / Tom Gough

+44 (0)20 3727 1000

Notes to Editors

Plaza Centers N.V. ( is listed on the Main Board of the London Stock Exchange, as of 19 October 2007, on the Warsaw Stock Exchange (LSE: “PLAZ”, WSE: “PLZ/PLAZACNTR”) and, on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Plaza Centers N.V. is an indirect subsidiary of Elbit Imaging Ltd. (“EI”), an Israeli public company whose shares are traded on both the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange in Israel and on the NASDAQ Global Market in the United States. Plaza Centers has been active in real estate development in emerging markets for over 22 years.






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