PROVIDENT (IPF): Publication of Final Terms - raport 171

UNI - EN REPORT No171/2015

International Personal Finance plc ("IPF") today announces that the final terms dated 2 December 2015 relating to the RON 22,000,000 7.0 per cent notes due 2018 (the "Notes"), are available for viewing. To view the final terms, please paste the following URL into the address bar of your browser:


A copy of the final terms has been submitted to the National Storage Mechanism and will shortly be available for inspection at:

Application has been made to the Financial Conduct Authority and to the London Stock Exchange plc for the Notes to be admitted to the official list of the UK Listing Authority and to trading on the London Stock Exchange's Regulated Market.

For further information contact:

International Personal Finance plc

Nick Dahlgreen (Group Treasurer) +44 (0) 113 285 6921

Rachel Moran (Investor Relations Manager) +44 (0) 113 285 6898

Nick Jones (Media) +44 (0) 113 285 6815


Please note that the information contained in the final terms and the base prospectus dated 27 February 2015 and issued by IPF in connection with the Programme (as supplemented by a Supplementary Prospectus dated 27 August 2015 and a further Supplementary Prospectus dated 9 November 2015, the “Prospectus”), may be addressed to and/or targeted at persons who are residents of particular countries (specified in the Prospectus) only and is not intended for use and should not be relied upon by any person outside these countries and/or to whom the offer contained in the Prospectus is not addressed. Prior to relying on the information contained in the final terms and the Prospectus, you must ascertain from the Prospectus whether or not you are part of the intended addressees of the information contained therein.

Your right to access this service is conditional upon complying with the above requirement.

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