UNIWHEELS (UNW): Publication of inside information pursuant to Article 17.1 of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)

UNI - EN REPORT No13/2016

Publication of inside information pursuant to Article 17.1 of the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)


Current report no. 13/2016 dated 21st September 2016

UNIWHEELS Group Strategy 2022

Germany-based alloy wheels manufacturer UNIWHEELS AG, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, presented its strategy until 2022 today.

Mission 2022

As a leading manufacturer of alloy wheels, UNIWHEELS serves the international automobile industry (Automotive Segment), the aftermarket (Accessory segment) and international motorsport.

Vision 2022

The UNIWHEELS Group is a technology leader on the global market of alloy wheels. In the fields of operations, UNIWHEELS sets industry standards which allow the group to replicate production facilities at all times while continuously optimizing their configuration and to act proactively according to market needs.

Strategy 2022

Being the preferred development partner, the core of UNIWHEELS Strategy 2022 is “Technology Leadership”. The strategic programme consists of five strategic fields, which aim to ensure growth of the business as they focus on technological innovation and market expansion along with prudent management of costs, cash flows and capex planning:

- Profitable and sustainable growth: increase of production capacity to over 14 million wheels through expansion of production plants; broaden customer base and increase of market share in Europe by 5% (Automotive); focus on premium customers with a high share of global exports and on increasing market share in Europe as well as expanding the production footprint into global markets

- Excellent product quality and innovation: maintaining the R&D efforts with focus on lightweight solutions and position of technology leader for innovative and alternative materials; solutions with greater share of more complex wheel surfaces, forged wheels and wheels for motorsport; greater degree of customization; cooperate with suppliers, customers and universities of technology, proactive market research and monitoring

- Operational excellence and process innovation: continuous improvement of effectiveness, quality and profitability at all production locations by the steady increase in automation, networking and standardization; implementation of best-in-class processes by improving material flows and automation to increase efficiency and earnings

- A team-oriented corporate culture fostering innovation: promotion and development of workforce and improvement of internal processes, digitalization of divisions; nurture motivation and secure competencies; integrating CSR and sustainability throughout the value chain,; fostering strong corporate compliance and striving towards ethical, legal and fair behavior in all business transactions

- Cost efficiency and solid financial position: cost efficiency along with high product quality and lean management and board structures; sound balance sheet structure and appropriate leverage as a foundation for growth and expansion, and stable cash flows with investor-oriented dividend policy; capital market orientation with a transparent and proactive investor communication

UNWHEELS Strategy 2022 also involves following the key financial targets

- Annual sales are to increase to over EUR 700 million

- EBIT margin of over 10%

- EBITDA margin of over 15%

- ROCE of over 20%

- Net debt/EBITDA ratio below 2.0x


Gustav-Kirchhoff-Str. 10

67098 Bad Dürkheim


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