NOVAKBM (KBM): Statement by the Management Board of Nova KBM - raport 23

UNI - EN REPORT No 23/2012
Podstawa prawna:

Unofficial market - legal basis

Based on the regulations of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange and the legislation in force, Nova KBM d.d. makes the following announcement:

The restructuring of the Bank and of the entire Nova KBM Group into modern and profitable financial institutions is an important challenge to be addressed by Nova KBM's Management Board in the coming period.

The restructuring of the Bank and the Group is one of the most demanding challenges in the history of Nova KBM that will require full engagement of all internal and external stakeholders of the Bank and the Group. Nova KBM has been and remains a reliable and stable institution. Lately, there have been some negative statements released regarding the operations of Nova KBM. The Bank will carefully examine these statements and will seriously consider all the possibilities to take legal actions. The statements which are not supported by evidence may cause damage to the reputation and stability of the Bank, particularly in relation to its shareholders and business partners.


Contrary to the statements in some media, the Management Board of the Bank is determined to identify any possible irregularities in the Bank. To that effect, the Management Board has already requested a special audit review to be carried out of the operations of the Bank and its subsidiaries. Following the findings of this audit review, the Management Board will assess the responsibility of individuals and, if necessary, adopt measures to protect the interests of the Bank.

The intention to carry out an audit of the Bank and some of its subsidiaries has been clearly and unambiguously expressed several times by Aleš Hauc, the new President of Nova KBM's Management Board. The drafting of the audit programme will be finished soon, after which it will be discussed by the Bank's Supervisory Board.

The Banking Act forbids the Bank to disclose any information about its customers that are considered confidential. Therefore, the Management Board cannot comment on the statements concerning individual customers of the Bank, even if these statements related to some subsidiaries of Nova KBM that have recently been discussed extensively in the media.

The Management Board of the Bank will inform its shareholders and the public on all activities undertaken in this regard in accordance with the applicable legislation and regulations.

This announcement will be published on the Bank's website ( from 25. May 2012 onwards.

Disclaimer: All announcements in English language are for information purposes only!

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