AVIASG (ASG): Notice on the report released on TVP1 channel on 31 May 2018 regarding Avia Solutions Group AB






UNI - EN REPORT No11/2018

Avia Solutions Group AB (the Company) is surprised by the report released on TVP1 channel on 31 May 2018, which demeans the business reputation of the group. Based on unreliable sources of information, the Company is being linked to political structures or inconceivable events and scenarios. Even schemes that have a little to do with the reality are being drawn. Similar speculations in Lithuanian media has already been refuted.

Therefore, the Company like to declare:

The Company is acting in full compliance with the laws of the Republic of Poland as well as international and Polish standards set for the aviation industry.

The Company does not maintain any business relations that are unlawful or potentially harmful to the interests of the Republic of Poland.

The Company’s shares are traded publicly on Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE), therefore the Company conforms to the high standards of transparency and accountability set by the WSE.

The major shareholders of the Company (ultimate beneficiary owners) are the citizens of the Republic of Lithuania, i.e. Gediminas Žiemelis and Vaidas Barakauskas, as well as the management of the Company, Polish institutional and private investors, including Polish pension funds. These shareholders, acting separately from each other, own over 80 per cent of Company’s shares. The rest of the shares are owned by the minor shareholders who acquired their shares through IPO/SPO and/or at WSE and that in no way can affect business operations of the Company.

Giedrius Karsokas

Corporate Affairs Director

Avia Solutions Group AB

+370 631 00 959

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